10 thoughts on “Hotmail login

  1. Dianna Eskuche

    I accidently erased my email account. Is there a way to retrieve that account? The email address is eskuchedianna@ Hotmail.com.

  2. Michelle Vonnahme

    I can not get into my hotmail email account now on my computer. The only place I can get that is on my cell phone. What do I need to do to be able to log on to this on my computer since I do most of my stuff involving email on the computer.

  3. Kurt Morin

    I have a friend ( Barbara Burque) with a Hotmail email account and now cannot log into it. I am trying to log into her chromebook using this email address which had been working fine. Now when I try to login I get a message “Couldn’t find your Google Account”. I also tried to send an email message from another email account to her Hotmail account and receive
    “Address not found
    Your message wasn’t delivered to burqueb@hotmail.com because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.”
    Was this account accidently deleted ?

    I am trying to help my friend figure this out so please let us know what the next step is


  4. Margaret Davies

    Cannot access my Hotmail account, Microsoft saying no such email address


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